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All Things Considered

by Leon Hash

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America 05:29
The sweet in the sugar, the ripple in my spine The curve of the circle, the straight of the line The ink in the pen, the beat of the rhyme The strength of the tin, the shape of the sign Dollar isn’t enough for what you wanna get The clerk underpaid and finally he quits You try to get a word but he’s never gonna admit Enough is enough when it comes to this shit Be sure to check the expiration date Hounded by time and wounded by fate Get it down to the very last cue You’re eating genetically engineered food So screw your courage to a crowd pleaser Wearing a disguise playing to an empty theatre Look for myself in the mirror Watch and see him, he does as he’s told You don’t need that Yeah you don’t need that, you just want it for your own Well, warmonger… Am I as needed Coaxed by society To give faith to thee I do as I please Victims of the public tutelage Cultivated by free mason corporate Be sure to check the expiration date Hounded by time and wounded by fate Commercialize on governmental lies The company only cares about what the buyer buys Now wait, now hang on, look it’s on sale Corruption, conspiracy, monopoly hell One girl in the spotlight while another hundred die Yeah go ahead and fill ‘er up and watch this country burn down This is a dangerous group that we’re dealing with
rigid 03:08 video
we all go a little mad sometimes, haven't you?
Convergence 04:49
do you ever make believe? do you believe in fairy tales? does it resemble your life? we can make the world our own we can make all the blind men see and the author, he was a communist animal
KC Ambiance 02:42
Test 06:06
Yeah Shelly, yeah she’s got a lot to learn About what goes in and out She said, yes I swear this is real But I don’t know if he’s seal Now let’s not forget about what’s going on Remember what happened before But in you I feel complete Yes in you I am me What a world, oh what a world This pretty girl, this pretty girl, her toxic swirl Reeled me in Now let me tell you what I think of this Your fantasy could bring you down She said: But I swear it’s not at all... Well that don’t make no sense at all Oh fragile mind, oh fragile heart I’m telling you, you two are worlds apart Just open up your eyes… Victimized, victimized, it’s no surprise I’m telling you that boy is full of lies Gotta learn to put your foot down I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough, it’s all too much I’m telling you that boy is gonna rip you up ...yeah and that ain’t fine with me
You gotta lot of nice things Forgot about what you need, oh Whenever you ask yourself, what’s going on? It’s the same thing… Shepherding your wicked herds I spend my time mimicking birds Could you ever allot me the time to grace yourself naked in my bed I wanna please you I want you to, wanna please me The writer ran out of words His spends his time mimicking birds It would be very nice but more than I probably deserve But sometimes I just want to scream Spend a lot of time alone, masking no sense at all, check it out now Ingesting lots of time so to shake off this feeling though Lots of people know all about it, but few really seem to know what’s wrong I wanna please you I want you to, wanna please me
He wakes up with a mind moonstruck and can infer why Washes his face clean of its trace like the rain streams the sky Confusion blends his fairy pretends and he wishes he could show Well you shouldn’t hide what you feel inside but I guess that’s how things go Yes I guess that’s how things go And it really makes me wonder, will I ever change? Yes it really makes me wonder, but no one remains the same So he continues on his way as if he’d nothing to say She calls to him but he raises his chin pretending it’s any day Yeah he’s so prone to his shiver bones should he come and say But for once to be proud he cries out loud, spilling his guts astray Not knowing what else to say And it really makes me wonder, what have I done? Yes it really makes me ponder, but look how you’ve grown At last these things are now closing Not an end, a new begin As I wrap my arms around your neck A sign to me, serenity The moral here is formally clear Doubt is merely a fear No more he afraid than he should say Cause there’s nothing here to fear, nothing at all!
Crucible 03:25
Carpe diem yeah seize the day I'm wide awake, but in bed I should of stayed Ain't it funny how the world turns? We live and learn yet so little gained is earned Young people speaking their minds of peace, it's a big release to paint your masterpiece so save up now for a night on the town. Take a look around what's holding you down Seize the day So break all your windows Leave your inhibitions behind As long as you've got love in your heart Take a leap of new age and seize the day With these thoughts I could fill a book, but don't overlook what you really wanna say. Now things are brighter I am moving on up, the birds chirp but a little love can't hurt. Pay attention, read the signs... you're feeling fine but you're gaining no time, so they say that's the power of rhyme don't pay it any mind, don't let your teeth grind Seize the day So break all your windows Leave your inhibitions behind As long as you've got love in your heart Take a leap of new age and seize the day Young girl has caught your eye, she stirs you up inside what have you to hide? So go ahead now, give her what you've got, if she likes it or not at least you gave it a shot! Ain't it a trouble to find the right one, you'd rather be shunned where has cupid gone? I don't care what they say, you've got your whole life ahead Seize the day
I’ve done it again, rendered my skin Much to my chagrin, I relish my sins And I feel only bliss I’m beginning to like this I’ve never been so afraid, to see fuck in this shade Toil my parade, it’s the shit you gave That’s why I do it, cause I misfit That’s why I do it Caress my skin with a vengeance Cause I relinquish in these shades of fuck I fought for my life, I thought I was right, I fought for my life To end, to end Cause I relinquish in these shades of fuck Dying is an art, dying is an art Like everything else I do it exceptionally well


released November 4, 2009

All songs written, recorded and produced by Leon Hash.

Mandolin solo on "The Day of Reason" by Josh Jakubowski.

Cover photo derived from original by John Vachon, March 1943 (public domain)


all rights reserved



Leon Hash New York, New York

building the lock around the key

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